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About Creole

Creole Jamaican Kitchen + Bar is a family-owned restaurant serving quality authentic Jamaican cuisine in a vibrant and modern atmosphere. The name Creole is also known as Patois is a native language of Jamaica. The dialect has grown in popularity over the years in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom as generations of Jamaicans migrated to these countries. Reggae and dancehall music has also contributed to the popularity of the language.

Jamaica is a diverse nation. Our motto is "Out of many; one people". Meaning that our ancestry is from many people, but we are one culture. This diverse background has resulted in a combination of dishes from Africa, Europe, and Asia. Creole serves some of the most popular Jamaican dishes like Jerk Chicken, Braised Oxtail, Ackee & Salt Fish, and Rice & Peas to name a few. All dishes prepared by Chef Rohan Brown who brings his many years of culinary experience to Creole.

Com si fi your self!

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